Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about joining the Interactions Marketing team? Maybe these can help!

Q. What do I need to do to work events for Interactions Marketing?

A. Click “Become an Ambassador” on the Interactions Marketing website and fill out the registration form. To be considered, fill out your profile completely and accurately. The more we understand about your skills and experience, the easier it will be for us assess your qualifications.

You may be contacted by a Recruiter for a brief interview. If you are selected to become a Interactions Marketing Brand Ambassador, you will be sent an email with a unique user ID and password. You will sign back into the website and complete the second portion of registration which includes the required electronic paperwork: Independent Contractor Agreement, W9, Background Check Consent Form, and an Event Recap Agreement. You will be asked to provide your Social Security Number to comply with IRS regulations. This is a secure site and your information will be kept confidential.

Q. Where does Interactions Marketing have events?

A. Interactions Marketing plans and executes marketing events all over the country.

Q. How do I find out about events?

A. Once you have been selected and have passed a criminal background check, you will receive event notices via email and have access to the profile you created to log into the website and view event opportunities in your area. You will only receive event notices for events you qualify for.

Q. How often do I have to work?

A. You can work as often or infrequently as you would like depending on how many events are available in your area.

Q. How long are events?

A. Event dates and hours will vary by type and client. Some events will be a couple of hours on one day while some may last for weeks.

Q. How will I get paid for my work?

A. Events are either paid hourly or as a flat event rate. Pay rates vary based on the type of event and will be communicated in the information about the event. We pay our contractors weekly via PayPal. Visit to sign up for an account if you do not already have one. Registration is free, and you can have your payment delivered to the bank account of your choice. Make sure your PayPal account is set up with the primary email address Interactions Marketing has on file for you. Incorrect email addresses will cause your PayPal payment to go to the wrong account. It is your responsibility to ensure that Interactions Marketing has your correct email address on file at all times. Interactions Marketing will pay all PayPal transaction fees associated with payment for events.

Q. How soon do I get paid after an event?

A. You can expect to receive payment 2-4 weeks after working an event. In order to get paid, you must submit your Post Event Recap online within 24 hours to ensure timely payment. Late submission of your recap may affect your ability to get booked for future events and will delay payment.

Q. If approved, am I an employee of Interactions Marketing?

A. No. You are an independent contractor, NOT an employee, which means we do not subtract taxes from your pay, nor do we provide any company benefits or workmen's compensation. If you make in excess of $600 in one calendar year, you will receive a Form 1099 from our company to be used for tax purposes. Please ensure your mailing address is up to date.

Q. What are the system requirements?

A. Users should have a PC or Macintosh with one of the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari.